Hi everyone! I'm Alexa Martin and I'm a watercolor artist from New Jersey.

I'm so glad you're here!

I am a teacher by day and an artist, well...whenever I'm not teaching! You can usually find me drawing, sketching or painting whichever idea has popped into my head (hopefully before it pops back out). I mostly identify as a watercolor artist but I have quite a varied 'style', if you can even call it that. I love creating art in the form of paintings, graphic designs, and products that you all can enjoy!

When I am not busy exploring my creative side (which is rare), you can find me doing a lot because I simply can't sit still. I may be outside somewhere, traveling the world with my incredible fiancé (our last incredible trip was Iceland!), and spending as much time as I can in, on, and around the beach (teacher summers, am I right?). Oh, and pining over all of the dogs I pass on the street. I once had a boxer named Charlotte who was the first love of my life (sorry, Andrew) and since her passing, there is a hole in my heart that can only be filled by four paws, some drool, and a collar with a leash dragging behind it.

I love to create art that makes people happy. You'll notice my style is very bright, yet uses subtle hues of certain colors. Imagine a sunshine-y July day at the beach. The sun is casting a white glaze over everything you see and for some reason, everything and everyone is moving in slow-mo. Can you picture it? Right there, that is my style. My parents live at the beach and I draw most of my inspiration from my alter ego; the version of me that sits with my toes in the sand reading a good book for hours on end.


My grandmother is the most talented artist I know

^That's a snapshot of her studio

I mean, really. My grandmother taught me the foundations needed to be an artist. The importance of and difference between different brush strokes, how to properly mix colors, you name it. Her watercolors are pristine with details you could not even imagine. I have a very different style than she does but my style exists because of her generosity sharing her wealth of knowledge with me. She was self-taught and began "learning" as a hobby when she retired so I am a firm believer that you do not need a formal training or degree to be successful in doing what you love! Passion drives success!

Several years ago, my grandmother had a stroke and lost the use of her dominant hand. This made painting a challenge for her but I found that more than ever, she enjoyed continuing our lessons together. Over time, that woman learned how to paint with her non-dominant hand and her paintings, although looser than her typical detailed style, were just as stunning as before.


Anything I didn't cover?

Just in case, here's 5 fun facts about me

1. When I was eight, I took art lessons at the Montclair Art Museum. During my lesson one day, a camera crew showed up and told us we would be painting a mural with life-size versions of ourselves. Inside our 'body', we had to paint things that describe us and our style. Long story short, you can find 8-year-old me in the extras of the animated movie Barbie as Rapunzel entitled The Artist in Me! You're welcome for that...

2. I am obsessed with elephants and I believe they are my lucky charm. My aunt is a nurse and worked for Healing the Children, traveling the world fixing children's cleft palates. One year, she was sent to Thailand and came back with a solid gold elephant necklace for me. I still have the certificate to prove it's real gold and I have not taken it off in over 10 years!

3. I would be perfectly content living in a land with no winter. No snow. No cold. Give me summer all year long!

4. I am workout-obsessed. Give me a gym, weights, yoga mat and sneakers and I am a happy camper. I currently try to work out twice a day more for the sole purpose of relieving stress! There is nothing more relaxing to me than sweating out all the bad!

5. My DREAM is to write and illustrate my own children's book. As a second grade teacher for 5+ years and someone who has my Masters Degree in literacy, not to mention the artist part of my life, I am waiting for that perfect idea to come to fruition so I can act on it and make my dream a reality!