What To Do When the Well of Creativity Runs a Little Dry

What would you call that? A funk? A rut? Creative block? I call it one of the few DOWNFALLS of social media. The pressure of comparison. I've faced the tough reality of losing my "identity" as an artist lately. My mind has fogged up with the inspiration devastation that comes with opening up Instagram, being inspired by so many other artists, and consequently being unable to pull creativity from my own well of ideas that, until recently, seemed bountiful.

As an artist, social media is so wonderful for the reach and ability it has to put your work out to so many others around the world. But with those perks comes a major downfall: comparison and competition. Sure, we view other artists' work and like and comment and build them up first and foremost. But deep down inside, there's a slight pang of competition that, trust me, no one wants to feel but also can't help but notice when it shows up.

I've been feeling this horrible feeling a lot lately and I finally had to pull myself out of it. I started seriously pursuing art almost 3 years ago which, to me, seems like a long time. But ask any artist in the game who has successful collaborations, product lines, etc. I guarantee it took them a lot longer than 3 years to get to that point. And, as I often forget, I am a full-time teacher! I teach second graders, an emotionally consuming job that I use art to escape from the stresses of. I've always viewed art as a joyful, stress-free experience and lately, that's been dimmed by the pressures of social media. I'm so inspired by the artists I follow but sometimes, that inspiration clouds my own creativity.

Does this look familiar to anyone? Maybe, maybe not {if you haven't been around that long, maybe not but welcome!}. I began my art presence on Instagram with this lovely little sea turtle. With parents that live down at the beach full-time, I grew up at the beach. It's been my source of inspiration for as long as I can remember. When I started @AlexaMartinDesigns, these