Why You Should Consider Using Custom Designs to Make Your Wedding Day a Special One

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

We are living in an age where weddings are more than just events. They are, let's face it, over-the-top showcases of you and your significant other's style as a couple. They are also a chance to be innovative and differ from what everyone else has done or is doing currently. Pinterest boards are ever-changing as florals, decor, and venues become more extravagant than ever.

While venues, flowers, and wedding gowns are all timeless and beautiful, chances are, they've been done by other brides and grooms. However, there is one element you can add to your special day that will set it apart from anyone else's: custom artwork. If you are a couple looking to be uniquely different on your wedding day, keep reading for a list of eight wedding elements in which you can incorporate custom designs.

1. Custom Crests

Custom crest design: Alexa Martin Designs

The most elegant and personal touch you can add to several aspects of your wedding is a custom crest designed and painted specific to you and your significant other. Wedding crests often include the couples' initials, the date of the wedding, and small paintings of florals or images that symbolize special times in a couple's lives. Did you get engaged on the beach? Perhaps theres small shells bordering the crest. Do you have a pet together? Maybe Fido is sitting atop the banner.

When working with an artist to design your custom crest, make sure they know those little intimate yet important details you would hope to have incorporated. Pro tip: make sure to also ask the artist to purchase an extended license for the artwork. This allows you to use that crest in other elements of your wedding in addition to just the invitation.

2. Wedding Signage

Artwork: Alexa Martin Designs

Although wedding decor has evolved from simple signs to extravagant balloon walls spelling out a couple's names or initials, there is nothing better in my mind than an understated yet gorgeous wooden wedding sign. And unless you are in the creative industry, you may not realize how many options and variations a wood sign can have. You can choose from type of wood, stain color, paint color, font style, etc. Pair a delicately painted wood sign with draping eucalyptus or the floral of your choice and you have a stunning focal point to welcome your guests into your wedding.

You may also want to consider a seating chart instead of seating cards! These can be on wood, paper, or acrylic (my personal favorite). Acrylic is a transparent, heavy-duty slab of plastic-like material that looks beautiful when painted on one side with your wedding color and lettered in a contrasting color to show your guests where they are sitting.

3. Invitations

Just because you are having a formal wedding {which also means formal invitations} that does not mean you cannot add your own personal touches to your invitation suite. While invitations are the piece of your wedding that you and your guests will have forever, make them custom to your style! Work with an invitation designer who works in collaboration with an artist. Maybe that crest mentioned above is something you'd also like to incorporate and use on your invitations. Maybe you just want a hand-painted watercolor monogram at the head to wow your guests. Whatever the case, custom designs take your elegant invitation to the next level by also making it unique and one-of-a-kind.

4. Save-the-Dates

Artwork: Alexa Martin Designs, Invitation Printing: Marlie Renee Designs

While an invitation is a more formal piece of your planning process, a save-the-date allows for a little more fun and creativity. Save-the-dates can be single-sided, double-sided, folded, or a fan of information. Hiring an artist to design your save-the-date artwork may entail paintings of the milestones in your relationship: where you met, where you got engaged, where the ceremony will be, and finally, where the reception will be held. Perhaps the color scheme on the STD's matches the color scheme of your wedding. There are endless possibilities but the point it, it adds a personal touch that mass-produced companies like The Knot or Minted cannot provide you!

5. Seating Cards

Seating cards have become a really FUN part of a wedding! I have seen it all from oysters painted with a gold rim for a beach themed wedding, to wax-seal embellished floral tags. Whatever your seating card style may be, the one constant they all include is beautiful hand-lettered calligraphy. I would recommend looking into a calligrapher to handle these details as they know the best mediums to use on various materials (stone, agate, paper, plastic, acrylic, etc.). Don't want to do the standard table numbers? Consider 'naming' your tables with labels of significance to you such as the names of places you've traveled together.

6. Table Numbers

Artwork: Alexa Martin Designs

Re: Seating cards. Gone are the days of plain cards with table numbers on them. Going for a rustic feel for your wedding? Consider clear candle votives or lanterns with calligraphy numbers. Choosing to name your tables after places you've traveled as a couple? That is where an artist will come in handy. Request custom watercolor paintings of each table 'place'. The artist will provide the original paintings to have as a keepsake and with the digital scans, you can have them printed on a card stock that matches your wedding colors.

7. Bar Signs/Signature Drinks

Sign: Alexa Martin Designs, Photo credit: Twisted Oaks Studio

One of the exciting details you may get to decide upon for your big day are the signature drinks the bar offers to your guests! For a summer wedding, you may consider a twist on a classic margarita or spiked lemonade. Winter? Think old fashioned. But no matter the season, display these drink options on a colorful and custom hand-painted sign. Nothing will draw your guests' eyes to those drink options like a vibrant watercolor painting propped on top of the bar!

8. Clothing + Other Items

Jacket artwork: Alexa Martin Designs

Finally, a common trend as of late includes custom leather or denim jackets, bridesmaid robes, and personalized gifts that make quite an appearance in photos from the day. Consider asking your bridesmaids to do their duties using denim jackets customized with their name and a cute floral detail on each. Or, provide personalized robes to get ready in with your crew the morning of the wedding!