Surfing into Wedding Day

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

I recently had the opportunity to work on some fun wedding signs for a very beachy wedding. If you know my style at all, you know coastal anything is my JAM. Read on for a look at these *way rad* custom wedding signs.

Sign: Alexa Martin Designs, Photo credit: Twisted Oaks Studio

I was contacted by a bride who unfortunately had to rearrange her wedding day due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, however, she was able to scale back and bit and keep her original wedding date. It's funny because before I got engaged I would never think that keeping my original date would be that big of a deal but now, I fully understand the attachment you have to your wedding date. Not only emotionally, but also literally - people gift you things with your wedding date literally etched into them! There is no going back after that.

This bride's vibe was super coastal and beachy, having been born, raised, and currently living at the Jersey Shore. She asked if I could do the calligraphy on a couple of her signs. Here I am thinking rectangular signs when she shows up with surfboard-shaped wood! There is nothing I love more than something unique and out of the ordinary so I was pumped to be able to work on these for her.

This welcome sign was her prized possession and I could tell, so I treated it with extra care. The shape was cut from old wood that had crevices on it, meaning it was probably a piece of old furniture {or something else equally as important}. I loved the message this bride wanted painted on: "All waves + forever". I used chalk to sketch it out and an oil-based permanent paint marker to do the lettering.

I think I have a legitimate emotional attachment to this sign. Not only was this one the most labor-intensive {it took about SEVEN coats of ink for the lettering because the wood was so absorbent} but doing the mini drink paintings are my favorite! Initially, this bride just wanted words on the sign to describe each signature cocktail. When I suggested mini drink paintings to illustrate each one, she lit up! It's those types of decisions that we {independent artists and custom designers} can suggest to you to make your wedding day that much more special with custom designs.

The final sign requested for this wedding is also one of my favorites because I got to do some vibrant watercolor lettering with the brides color scheme. It reads "Sandy toes, salty kisses, please leave your gift for the Mr. and Mrs." This was a fun hand-lettered sign on watercolor paper that was then attached to this clipboard sign.

I can't wait to see all of these signs put together in action and share more from this beautiful day!

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