Luck O' the Irish!

We took a trip that has been at the top of my list for years: Ireland! Read on for our detailed itinerary through Killarney, Galway, and Dublin.

I've had a goal since I was younger and took a Eurotrip in high school: travel to one new place, near or far, every year. I have done a great job sticking to that goal and I don't plan on ever stopping. Andrew and I have decided that price-wise, international travel is acceptable every other year. In between, we'll do some closer or domestic trips. After Turks and Caicos, we took a trip to Texas to visit my family and then finally, it was time for Ireland!

I am Irish, although not 100%, and I love everything about their country and culture. The greenery, the untouched beauty of the country, the accent, the BEER! Yes, I am a beer girl through and through so I was excited to have "Mother's Milk" (Guinness) from the homeland.

We left for this trip on April 1, 2018. Not only was that Easter Sunday, but it was of course also April Fool's Day. I'm not a nervous flyer but the irony of the day certainly didn't escape me!

Bunny ears for Easter Sunday departure!


When planning this trip, we planned to fly both in and out of Dublin. In between, we rented a car and drove the southern coast from Dublin to Galway and basically circled back to end our trip in Dublin again. We took a redeye and landed in Dublin at 8am. Although we were exhausted, we sucked it up so we could get to Killarney ASAP. The drive from Dublin to Killarney was about 3 hours and poor Andrew was the only one who drove because being on the other side of the road, our car insurance only covered one driver!

The quaint streets of County Cork on our way to Killarney.

We broke up the drive by stopping in County Cork for some breakfast. We found a cute little cafe where I actually got a breakfast burrito that was delicious! I have to be honest...I am a very picky eater and the one problem I encounter when traveling is food. We definitely ate a lot of fried food until we got to Dublin where the cuisine is varied and delicious.

Finally, we made it to Killarney National Park, where we stopped before checking into our B&B. I have never seen a land so green and lush in my life! There were beautiful pathways, overgrown seating areas, and Ross Castle which was just spectacular to see in person.

Ross Castle, Killarney National Park, Killarney

We took a tremendous walk that ended up being a couple of miles in length and then we headed to our B&B to check in. We booked our B&Bs for Killarney and Galway through B&B Ireland and had a great experience with them overall. The hostess of our Killarney B&B was so kind and although the room was interesting {with a sink in the middle of the bedroom, not the bathroom} we had a nice stay. Due to jet lag, the night we spent in Killarney turned into a 12-hour slumber! I have never slept that long but once we did, we had no signs of jet lag for the rest of the trip.

The next morning, we checked out and hit the road. The skies gave way to beautiful sunny weather and a rainbow for our drive!

The luck of the Irish brought us a beautiful rainbow for our journey!

We were officially headed to...


We drove from Killarney to Galway with a stop in Hag's Head for the Cliffs of Moher first! I had followed an Ireland travel group on Facebook for tips and I am SO glad I did. This group recommended that instead of going through the main entrance to the Cliffs, we drive to Hag's head and pay 2 Euro to park in the lot at a yellow house. I thought it slightly sketchy at first but it was worth a shot. We did in fact park at this yellow house after slightly losing our way. It was a short ten minute walk up a hill to the cliffs and once we got up there...WOW!