Hoboken Girl Hard Seltzer x Alexa Martin Designs

I have been waiting for months to be able to announce that Hoboken Girl Hard Seltzer has finally been released and it is looking like a SNACK, thanks to yours truly! I was approached by the owner and EIC of Hoboken Girl over the summer to create a can design for their first hard seltzer launch and I knew right away the iconic Lackawanna train station in Hoboken had to be incorporated. After months of back and forth, making certain tweaks and edits, we finalized the design and made it so the colors could be easily changed with each new flavor that was released. Without further ado...Hoboken Girl Hard Seltzer {featuring a can design by AMD}.

How It Came to Be

I love graphic design but don't get a chance to do it often. Most of my custom design business involves watercolor paintings for clients which I LOVE but every once in a while, saying yes to a new project that challenges me a bit is so much fun. When founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hoboken Girl, Jen Tripucka asked me to design the can for their first ever seltzer, I was beyond excited to start a project like this.

The process started with sketches and in the middle of the design process, we took a trip to 902 Brewing Company in Jersey City to do a tasting and determine which flavor would be best to launch first.

Each flavor that we tried consisted of fruit concentrate diluted in a bit of their base seltzer. The flavors we tasted were more concentrated than the actual product would be and they were still so delicious. After much delegation, we came to the conclusion that blood orange was the tastiest and most unique of the flavors we tried.

We of course had to have a few beers while we were there too, I'm a sucker for a good brew!

It is a dream come true to see my sketches and hours of design come together into these beautiful cans! Hudson County residents, you can grab a can for yourself at 902 Brewing Co. and stay tuned for other spots around Hoboken where this seltzer will be popping up! And make sure to tag @alexamartindesigns and @thehobokengirl in your posts on social media!

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