Aw Shucks

For years, I have waited to plan my wedding and be able to add a personal touch to every last detail. No, I've never been one to obsess over a Pinterest board of the "perfect dress" or ideal floral arrangements but now that I am T-minus 9 months out from "I Do", I am loving everything coming together!

Our wedding will be taking place in the beach area of the Jersey Shore. Not on the beach, although I don't hate that idea for anyone who has done it, I just know with my luck the weather would be torrential that day, and then what? No, our wedding is at a country club about 20 minutes from the coast but I LOVE the beach so I wanted to make sure I incorporated it somehow. The idea for hand-painted oyster shells actually came from my {future} mother-in-law and we're going to be using them as place cards. I loved this idea so much, I just had to do more with it.

Thus, my hand-painted oyster shell collection was born. After painting the gold trim on these shells for place cards, I did everything but turn them into place cards. First I painted roses that matched my China vase collection, then lobsters to keep the beach theme, and finally a beautiful navy ikat pattern. I am so thankful to y'all for the amazing response these shells got! With options to turn a shell into an ornament for the holidays and then *eureka* the idea of using them as ring dishes for those new fiancés out there, there was truly a perfect shell for everyone! Take a peek below to see all of the designs I managed to squeeze into this collection.

Alas...the famous blue roses pattern that really had viewers on my Instagram swooning. The inspiration for these roses came from my watercolor China vase I shared over the summer. To be honest, I had no idea people would love these as much as I did and I was so grateful and thankful for the interest everyone showed! Nothing means more to an artist than that.