Friday Free Draw Episode 1! Penguins on Ice - 1/29/21

Updated: Feb 11

Welcome welcome welcome to "episode" 1 of my new series, Friday Free Draw! This series is one I've wanted to do for a while now to not only make my newsletters and blog posts more engaging for you all, but to inspire creativity in even those who feel like they "can't draw a stick figure". Funny enough, I was inspired by my second graders to start this series.

For those of you that don't know, I am a teacher full time! I teach second grade and my students always LOVE when we do guided drawings. Not only does it give them a fun brain break during the day, but they all learn to accept and love their drawings {mistakes, eraser marks, and all}! Sometimes they come out wonky and sometimes they don't but either way, they all take pride in what they do and they have fun exercising the right side of those brains.

So, in each of my Friday Free Draws, you'll find a completed drawing with step-by-step picture tutorials that you can easily follow along with. Once your sketch is done, add some color with whatever you have at home! Crayons, colored pencils, paints, heck - even highlighters work! Simply allowing yourself a few minutes to create something will be your end-of-week stress reliever. Add your own flare to it and once you're done with your drawing, show me! I'd LOVE to see your work. Tag @alexamartindesigns in anything you post and I'll re-share it.

So without further is episode 1: Penguins on Ice

Step 1: Start by *lightly* sketching your guidelines for penguin #1 and the ice rink.

Step 2: Sketch your guidelines for penguin #2.

Step 3: In darker pencil, begin your sketch of the penguins and the ice rink. Tip: Don't worry about going over your previous sketch lines, we'll be erasing what we don't want later!

Step 4: Add details to the penguins' bodies.