Doing the Charleston

We spent a long weekend down in 'Chucktown' and had a wonderful time soaking up the southern vibes.

I am currently a second grade teacher and every year in New Jersey we have a four-day weekend because of teacher's conventions. Since most of us do not attend the conventions, it is an ideal weekend for a quick getaway! This year, we chose to travel to Charleston, SC. It just so happened that Andrew's family also booked Charleston for the same weekend and we had a blast!

*I must warn you: this post is mostly photos so sit back and enjoy!*

The palm trees and brightly painted buildings create the charm of this city.

I do not happen to watch Southern Charm, although my visit made me want to start, but I do know of many places mentioned in the show that we tried to seek out. We landed on Thursday morning and checked into our hotel, which was a beautiful boutique hotel with a nice rooftop view of the city. After dropping our bags, we made our way to the first destination which was FOOD at Poogan's Porch. I had heard about this restaurant from a friend and the food was spectacular. It is located in an old house and the name comes from the dog of the family who owned the house and passed away. I thought that story was adorable!

DELICIOUS biscuits that we had to restrain ourselves from eating too many of before our meal!

After brunch, we took a walk around town. We saw gorgeous artwork, buildings, and WINDOW TREATMENTS! I never thought I would get so excited about windows but the artist in me found so much inspiration in these!

Some of the iconic street art in Charleston.

While in Charleston, we ate and drank pretty darn well. Our hotel was near The Vendue hotel, which also happens to be a very popular rooftop bar. We frequented that place if I must say! Some other favorite spots of ours were:

  • Halls Chop House (for an amazing dining experience and steak)

  • The Rooftop Bar at the Vendue Hotel (for views and drinks)

  • Poogan's Porch (for a great Southern meal and biscuits)

  • Bitty and Beau's Coffee (adorable coffee shop supporting a great cause)

  • Minero (AMAZING tacos and margaritas)

  • Lowcountry Bistro (for brunch and mimosas)

  • Revelry Brewing (great rooftop brewery)

  • 5Church (awesome cocktail bar inside of an old church)

My friend had told me about Bitty and Beau's. This coffee shop employs adults who have disabilities and they are the SWEETEST in there! I went every single day because I enjoyed their vibe so much.

This trip was magical in every way. I love nothing more than the south. I have always said my dream home would be a house in Texas and ever since my family has lived down there, I am a huge fan of the Southern states!

We saw as many sights, ate as many delicious meals, and experienced all of the amazing things we possibly could in three days down in Charleston!

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