Doing the Charleston

We spent a long weekend down in 'Chucktown' and had a wonderful time soaking up the southern vibes.

I am currently a second grade teacher and every year in New Jersey we have a four-day weekend because of teacher's conventions. Since most of us do not attend the conventions, it is an ideal weekend for a quick getaway! This year, we chose to travel to Charleston, SC. It just so happened that Andrew's family also booked Charleston for the same weekend and we had a blast!

*I must warn you: this post is mostly photos so sit back and enjoy!*

The palm trees and brightly painted buildings create the charm of this city.

I do not happen to watch Southern Charm, although my visit made me want to start, but I do know of many places mentioned in the show that we tried to seek out. We landed on Thursday morning and checked into our hotel, which was a beautiful boutique hotel with a nice rooftop view of the city. After dropping our bags, we made our way to the first destination which was FOOD at Poogan's Porch. I had heard about this restaurant from a friend and the food was spectacular. It is located in an old house and the name comes from the dog of the family who owned the house and passed away. I thought that story was adorable!

DELICIOUS biscuits that we had to restrain ourselves from eating too many of before our meal!

After brunch, we took a walk around town. We saw gorgeous artwork, buildings, and WINDOW TREATMENTS! I never thought I would get so excited about windows but the artist in me found so much inspiration in these!

Some of the iconic street art in Charleston.