A New (Paltz) Adventure

Just under two hours from Hoboken, this adorable town is nestled into the mountains of upstate NY and has so much to offer!

Being a teacher, I have gone on vacation for nearly every Spring Break I've had! So this year, when Andrew and I did not have a big trip planned, we decided we had to go somewhere, even if it was a "staycation". Hoboken Girl, which any resident in the area knows is the Bible of happenings in the Hoboken/Jersey City area, posted about a quaint and newly-renovated B&B called Watergrasshill up in New Paltz, NY. We decided to check it out and explore the surroundings for a night.

Hiking Mohonk Preserve was challenging but so worth the push!

We headed up to New Paltz early on a Saturday morning and went straight to Mohonk preserve before doing anything else. We heard this hike was incredible and did not want to waste a minute before getting started. We parked the car and set off. it was sunny and hot which was unusual for April so we were sweaty messes! The trail is not the most clear and we did get lost a bit in the begninning...

We met a little friend along the way!

At one point, we saw people way up on the top of the mountain and we assumed they were professional hikers. No way would we be doing that! Wrong. There was a "rock scramble" that we ignored at first until we realized that was really the only way to get to the top. It was nothing insane but definitely a challenge!

I am not afraid to admit that my rock (Andrew, pun intended) had to push me several times to make it to the top. At that point, we had gone about an hour out of our way being lost and I was NOT taking it lightly. I was frustrated but if I had turned around before getting to the top, I would have regretted it big time. Andrew and I work so well together in life but especially in travel and adventuring because I get frustrated easily and tend to overthink things, while he is the calming, rational presence of the two of us.

We made it to the top and WOW was it worth it! I'll admit I had a bit of vertigo looking over the edge but you could see everything for miles away, it was stunning!

After making it back down the mountain, we checked into our B&B and it was adorable. Everything was newly renovated so the rooms were actually very stylish and comfortable!

We had looked up activities in the area beforehand and I knew the one thing I had to do while there was go to Angry Orchard Brewery!

Angry Orchard had a beautiful indoor area with big family-style benches to enjoy your ciders, an expansive outdoor area with lawn games set up, food trucks, live music, you name it! It really was a great place and a fun experience to go see on of my favorite ciders' breweries.

We wanted to explore the actual town of New Paltz a bit so we decided to do dinner downtown there. We got into town and parked near a local bar called Huckleberry. The inside of this bar was extremely small and if the weather hadn't been so nice, we probably would not have gone at all. The outdoor seating area was so cute, dog friendly, and had an old-school bar. It was a very homey feel.

After a drink there, we set out to find dinner somewhere. We had many places in mind but for some reason, they were unable to handle the crowds that they saw that night and the wait time for most restaurants was over an hour! We finally settled into an Italian place which was great food-wise but had terrible service (again, could not handle the crowds).

The town was so adorable and we got ice cream at a local shop to end the night and our stay!

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