Icelandic Adventures

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

We stepped out of our comfort zone to travel a country where the weather is iffy but the list of activities to partake in is not!

Andrew and I love to travel and we do a lot of it {for the average 20-something-year-olds}. If you've been with me from the beginning, you know my goal has always been to travel to one new destination every year. This year, it was time for an international trip and I had been hearing all of the buzz about Iceland and boy did it live up to the expectations!

We went to Iceland for one week in August of 2019, technically still their summer but chilly nonetheless. The thing about Iceland is that a lot of it is untouched land. There is one road -the Ring Road- that goes around the whole country. Anywhere you need to get to, you take the Ring Road. Because we were limited to just a week's time, we prioritized traveling the southern and western coasts above the eastern and northern coasts. We wanted to make sure we hit Vik in southern Iceland and Reyjkavik, the capital city.

Leg 1

The Drive from Reykjavik Down the Southern Coast

After a red-eye flight from Newark to Reykjavik, we landed a bit tired but ready to hit the ground running! We shuttled from the airport to get our rental car {no driving on the wrong side of the road like Ireland- phew!}. We began our drive down the southern coast to Vik. I read many blogs about destination stops we could take along the way to break up the drive a bit. The first stop we came to was the Reykjadalur Thermal Hot Springs...WOW. It was quite a hike to get up to these springs but beyond worth it.